Professional Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Services

residential solar panel cleaning

Hire An Experienced Solar Panel Cleaning Company For Your Home Energy Generation

For many years, Accurate Window Cleaning has provided home solar panel cleaning services in Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA. Solar panels provide homeowners with a great deal of savings on their energy bills, making it essential you do what you can to keep them in great working shape.

Is It Important to Clean Your Solar Panels?

Yes! It is essential to clean solar panels because they accumulate dirt, dust and other debris which prevent them from working as efficiently as they should. By routinely cleaning your solar panels, you’ll improve their overall efficiency, ensuring you’re maximizing the return on your investment. What’s more, cleaning solar panels is often part of most warranty plans, and routine cleanings will help improve the durability, longevity and appearance of your solar panels.

Does Rainwater Remove Dirt and Buildup From Solar Panels?

Unfortunately, no, it does not. Many homeowners mistakenly believe rainwater will take care of the accumulated buildup on their solar panels, but this simply is not the case. Have you ever noticed your car’s windshield and windows seem to be dirtier when it rains a lot? Well, it’s the same with solar panels; rainwater actually increases the need for a thorough cleaning.

Why Should I Hire a Professional to Clean Solar Panels?

For starters, going atop your roof can be dangerous, especially if you’re inexperienced working up there and don’t have the right equipment. A professional has the tools like long poles in place to reach all corners, including the hard-to-reach areas of your solar panels. Moreover, they know how to thoroughly, but safely scrub your solar panels clean.

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